Another Example of Great Changes at Magento

So, in the past few months, Magento has moved out of the eBay family and has returned to being a private company. There's been some shakeups internally with some key new hires and the org chart has been shuffled around some. Some people seem to be a bit nervous about all of the changes, but I've remained positive all along. Magento's strong community and foundation in open source software has kept it growing strong throughout a number of major changes in ownership over the years.

I'll dive deeper into all of the recent changes and the positive impact I'm already seeing from them, but I wanted to highlight something that happened today that just wouldn't have happened a couple of years ago at Magento when it was part of the eBay family.

A Magento community member, Kristof (better known as Fooman, the name of his Magento extension company), Tweeted about a 'gotcha' when using Composer with Magento 2:

One gotcha when using Magento 2 and composer is that bin/magento uses composer internally from vendor/composer not your global installed oneJanuary 22, 2016

Magento Evanglist Ben Marks retweeted this with a question about if this should be added to the Magento 2 documentation:

Yep. Maybe someone should add this to our docs, thoughts? 25, 2016

I took a look and realized this was a simple change, so I wrote up the needed documentation and submitted a pull request which the Magento dev docs team reviewed, accepted and merged within 7 minutes!

So, to recap:

  1. Magento 2 launched with an extensive set of developer and user documentation.
  2. Pull requests are accepted both on the Magento 2 core code and the documentation.
  3. When the community notices something missing in the documentation, it takes ~12 hours (mainly due to the time difference between New Zealand, where Kristof is located, and the US!) for someone to volunteer to fix it, submit it to Magento and get it accepted into the main documentation.

How awesome is that?

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