Ben Marks Update at Meet Magento New York 2014

This keynote from Meet Magento New York 2014 about the state of Ben's role as Magento evangelist after 6 months on the job, and discussing the Magento community as a whole. Ben is discussing Intent vs Reality of his first 6 months on the job at Magento.

Advisory board - intent - empower core group to work with Magento employees. Reality - Ben is still directly facilitating communication.

Use GitHub like GitHub - intent - use Github for Magento 2 in the proper way. Reality - requires a lot of work & prioritizing; in progress.

Magento Connect - intent - improve functionality and general extension quality. Reality - a lot of work has gone into this already, but there is more to do.

Forums - intent, replacement with something better - reality, in progress, but not there yet.

Translations - intent - remove old tool, replace with crowdsourcing. Reality - in progress, but not there yet.

We will have a monthly community report from Ben to the community soon.

Developer documentation will be on GitHub soon - and it will accept pull requests.

Magento 2 will be in developer preview in December.

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