How to Compete as a Niche in Today's Mass Market

This is IRCE session How to Compete as a Niche in Today's Mass Market, presented by Shelley Nandkeoylar, Chief Executive Officer, President, Founder - The Ivory Company.Niche brands should view their role as curators - you won't be the cheapest, you won't have the largest assortment. Have a limited point of view, but become the expert on that point of view.

Omnichannel means one view, one experience, one brand among all channels and experiences, no matter how many channels you have.

Serve your customer - relentless focus on your customer; understand that customers value distinctiveness. Look to create magic.

Niche brands should have distinctive merchandise to compete effectively.

Exclusive merchandise brings margin. Margin gives you the ability to invest in customer acquisition and experience.

Niche brands must focus on executional excellence. Every order is another opportunity. Focus on doing fewer things well. Cannot be everything to everyone. 100% metric and KPI centric. Steer away from 'shiny ball syndrome'. Constant small improvements.

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