IRCE Keynote: Connecting with Consumers by Giving Them What They Want

This is the IRCE keynote, Connecting with Consumers by Giving Them What They Want, presented by Niraj Shah, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder - Wayfair is #45 in the Internet Retailer Top 500. Listen to shoppers to decide what to do next.

Be customer-service focused. Enable customers to choose how to interact and find your products.

Many customers don't know what they are looking for until they see it, so you need to marry inspiration with selection.

Visual navigation matters.

Customers love deals and savings - especially daily sales that offer more value in a curated format at a rapid pace.

Everyone shops differently - don't look at customers as just one group. Segment your customers. Some shoppers are shopping for a specific need. Some shoppers are looking to discover something new and unexpected. Practical purchases vs individualization vs inspired impulse shopping.

Meet customers where they are - customers are incredibly busy and have more demands on their attention, so get them started engaging with your brand on their smartphone.

Get personal - produce individualized shopping experiences - quicker access to items that customer will like.

Get engaged in social media on Pinterest and Instagram.

Use the Top Pins API on Pinterest to offer another way to explore your product assortment.

Social & community engagement comes out of true interest, and truly interested users become repeat customers.

Instagram is Wayfair's fastest growing social channel. Connect with customers in real time with compelling images from events, blogger conferences, trade shows, etc.

Listen and take action - make real changes to the business based on customer feedback.

One of your eCommerce metrics should be customer enjoyment of their experience with your brand.

Change things continually to keep improving the customer experience.

Customers are asking for more personalization and a better mobile experience.

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