IRCE Session: Video Without Breaking the Bank: Creating Professional Videos on an Amateur's Budget

This session is from IRCE's Video workshops. It's entitled Video Without Breaking the Bank: Creating Professional Videos on an Amateur's Budget. Presented by Angie Seaman, E-Commerce Manager - Marbles: The Brain Store. Marbles has a lot of products that are unique but hard to demonstrate via a website, so product videos have to really make it clear how a product works - for example, the Catchoo product video.

Marbles uses videos for different purposes - showing how to use a product, customer service and to give details from the inventors of different toys as to how and why they invited it.

Introduce products with video, but also introduce your staff as product authorities via video.

Marbles started with little technical knowledge about video, and learned by doing.

Video on a budget requires patience & resourcefulness:

  • Make the most of what you already have
  • Learn online for free (or low cost)
  • Be willing to experiment and learn from it

Video also requires time & space:

  • Budget a lot of time to experiment and edit
  • You don't need a dedicated space but it helps
  • Pick a quiet time and a room with good acoustics

Video equipment - can get started for less than $1,000:

  • DSLR camera that shoots HD video - $650
  • Lights - under $200 - Marbles ran PVC piping around the room and connected CFL lights to the piping
  • Sound - about $150 - need a decent external microphone
  • Editing software - $99+

Talent - look at your existing team and have them try roles they're interested in:

  • Videographer
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Actor

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