Magento Imagine Slides, Sessions and Reactions

I plan to post all of the slides, sessions and reactions to Magento Imagine that I come across in this article - I'll update this article as I find more. If you presented at Magento Imagine, please tweet a link to your slides with the #MagentoImagine hashtag and I'll add it here, or post a comment below with the link and I'll get the post updated ASAP. Thanks, and thank you everyone for such an amazing time at Magento Imagine this year - already looking forward to 2015! Simple Steps to Win the Site Performance Battle - Nexcess Breakout Session

Responsive Breakout Session Presentation by Eric Wiese

If you don't see the presentation you're interested in listed here, check the Imagine website to see if it's been posted there.

Also, there's a few reaction articles being posted, which I'll list below. Let me know if I missed your article!

Alan Storm's Imagine 2014: Magento 1.9 Infinite Theme Fallback

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