Responsive Evolution Breakout Session Magento Imagine 2014

This session is Brendan Falkowski's Responsive Evolution: Refining Priorities in Multi-Device Frontend Strategy presentation. Brendan will post slides for the presentation soon, and he moves fast, so I won't cover everything here.

Multi-device commerce keeps changing and becoming more important. Users are switching from device to device, and just expect responsive design now. So look beyond responsive design to frontend strategy.

Content, branding, copywriting, interaction, user flows, information architecture, code, emotion and performance are all part of frontend strategy.

Gall's theory - start with a working simple system.

Are your systems, values and goals fitted to the new multi-device environment?

Priorities - focus on maintainability and respect performance.

Your frontend needs a steward - someone promoting design patterns and maintainability.

And, honestly, guys (and gals) - Brendan's too good of a presenter; I'm wrapped up in the content and can't keep up with him. So, check out the slides when he posts them!

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