Tuesday Morning Keynote Magento Imagine 2014

This year's theme at Imagine is Transform - transformation in commerce. Powering brands of all sizes - not just large brands - to connect to their customers and compete on a level playing field. Roy Rubin's keynote is covering 4 types of transformation - industry, business, community and merchants. The following notes are from Roy's keynote.

Industry transformations - major brands with brick and mortar stores are cutting store sizes by 25%. Online pure-plays are now also opening brick and mortar stores, as the major brands shrink.

eCommerce is growing at 16%, traditional is growing at 5%. 60% of consumers use mobile shopping and 54% of users are multiple device users.

Business transformations at Magento - eBay Enterprise and Magento were merged to help Magento better help merchants. Merchants can take on different individual services from eBay Enterprise to help them compete.

Magento powered $26 billion in transactions in 2013. More than 240,000 businesses now use Magento, a 60% year over year growth. There's approximately 3,000 merchants using Magento Enterprise. Magento is the #1 platform for the Internet Retailer Top 500 mid-market list, and achieved this in under 6 years.

Magento has 26% market share in Germany, 45% Australia, 42% UK, 30% France.

Community transformations - Ben Marks is the new Magento developer evangelist, which is awesome news for our community.

New Magento certification - Magento Solution Specialist, which helps people avoid unnecessary customizations and better understand how to use Magento to meet business goals.

The single most important decision in the history of Magento was to launch it and keep it an open source platform.

The developer is the agent of change and a big part of why Magento is so successful.

The top verticals for Magento are Fashion, Manufacturers, B2B, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden.

Merchants using Magento are powering anywhere from $5 million to $600 million sales per year.

CEO of BoxPark is now taking the stage. Boxpark is the world's first pop-up mall, and is built from shipping containers. Retail is entertainment - buying in store make people feel special. Boxpark looked at a number of systems and found Magento is the best system out there - picked it primarily because there's lots of people already on it, largest small to medium enterprise platform and because of the large ecosystem.

Roy is back on stage. eBay marketplace (i.e., traditional eBay.com) has transformed itself in the past year. eBay Fashion is using social and magazine-style layouts to reach young shoppers.

Jane Norman, a large London fashion brand that uses Magento, used a Magento extension to list a portion of their inventory to two eBay stores - one selling under their name and one for clearance products and has seen massive success with this.

Stella and Dot, a 'pop up shop in your home',  reaches new fantastic highs and challenges the boundaries of commerce using Magento.

Magento has powered the transformation of hundreds of thousands of merchants and developers. Roy and Magento are looking to us to challenge the industry, strive for greatness.

Roy is now introducing Mark Lavelle, who is the SVP for Product at eBay and the General Manager

Building a transformative company - you need passion, dedication (including 100% dedicated to your team), love (to see you through the deep, dark moments).

Mark started out at eBay doing strategy at PayPal. One of his first projects at PayPal was buying Magento.

1) Product Roadmap

2) eBay's shared purpose underpins everything that eBay does.

3) Forces transformation global commerce

4) eBay Enterprise + Magento

5) Product Vision

Magento Community 1.9 and Magento Enterprise 1.14 are now available. Magento 2 will be the most modern, flexible, scalable and open commerce platform in the world. Magento 2 beta will be available December 2014, with a release candidate in March 2015 and a final production-ready version soon after (my guess is - at Imagine 2015).

eBay's dedication to open source commerce is stronger than ever and will not waver.

eBay and Magento share a common purpose - connected commerce. Creating more opportunity for humans all across the globe. eBay is building the most advanced omni-channel commerce solution in the industry. Each product and service within eBay's portfolio can be used individually or together. Magento lies at the heart of eBay's commerce technologies. Merchants need to own every aspect of the touch points with their consumers, and Magento powers that. Regardless of your vertical or stage of growth, eBay Enterprise understands your needs and can support you.

Brands need exceptional experiences, speed to market, low cost of ownership and scale, which Magento meets and exceeds. Magento has superior out of the box features and design, can launch in weeks and is the undisputed TCO leader. Magento scales - there are merchants reaching $1 billion/year.

Magento 1.9 and 1.14 will include responsive design, Bill Me Later and PayPal Express Checkout Improvements. 1.14 will support faster search indexing.

Paul Boisvert, director of Product Management at Magento, is taking the stage to discuss more about these changes. The responsive reference theme allows a 50% reduction in time to market, and it's likely that building a responsive theme in 1.9 will take less time than building a desktop-only theme in 1.8.

PayPal Express Checkout now has one less step and integrates Bill Me Later in Magento 1.9 and 1.14.

The responsive reference design in Magento 1.9 is approximately 60% lighter by eliminating duplicate styles. It's a beautiful new theme.

Christopher Murray, eCommerce Leader of Global eTransformation at 3M is taking the stage. 3M is shifting all of their sites to be fully responsive.

The new responsive theme in 1.9 and 1.14 makes responsive accessible to everyone.

Brent Peters, CTO & VP of Product Development at eBay Enterprise is taking the stage. Brent worked with IBM for 22 years working with operating systems, web application server, etc. Worked with Apache, Eclipse.org, OpenSocial. Very development-focused. Making sure that Magento 2 is built on the latest technologies that are out there. Standardizing on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. Adding support for PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. Want to make Magento 2 easy for developers to customers. Magento 2 will improve performance and scalability, and will ship with a benchmarking system to prove it. Customizations in Magento 2 will be much easier, including separating business logic from presentation.

Magento 2 team is sharing documentation as it's developed on their wiki, and is pushing weekly. Magento 2 wants the community's feedback - check the site out from Github and provide feedback.

Once Magento 2 is released in production, Magento 2 team will move to an agile release cadence - meaning that changes will be pushed out faster, no more yearly release cycles.

eBay is making Magento + eBay Enterprise the top choice for fast-growing, top retailers of the world.

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