Choose Your Own Adventure: Freelancer or Founder - Out Now in php[architect] magazine

I'm excited to announce that my article, Choose Your Own Adventure: Freelancer or Founder, appears in the January 2015 issue of php[architect] magazine, which is available online and in print now. I drew on my experiences as a freelancer who found himself rather unexpectedly growing into the founder of an eCommerce development agency to write what I hope is a very applicable, hands-on guide for all of the developers out there considering striking out on their own either as a freelancer or as the founder of their own agency.

php[architect] is a great magazine that I encourage all PHP developers to subscribe to - there's both a print as well as digital subscription, and I've been impressed with the quality of the articles each month.

If you have any questions or feedback on my article, please don't hesitate to post it here or reach out to me on Twitter at @JoshuaSWarren.

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Jamie Larson