A quick thank you to the Magento community and MageHero.com

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to everyone out there on Twitter, on MageHero.com and to the Magento community as a whole. I've grown Creatuity very slowly over the years - we don't really have a marketing budget, or marketing department for that matter - it's all been on word of mouth and referrals and developing a reputation for solving some of the most challenging problems with Magento and taking really good care of our clients while doing it.

Because of this, every single referral means quite a bit to me and to all of us at Creatuity. That's why I wanted to say thanks - we've seen a sharp increase in the number of merchants coming to us saying they were referred to us by someone in the Magento community. A story I heard about how a client found us a couple of weeks ago is a great example of this.

This merchant first saw me on MageHero.com and reached out to a few other people on MageHero first. Almost all of them indicated they were too busy to take on the project, but that they should call Creatuity for help, because we'd take care of them.

So - to all of you who have referred merchants to me and the rest of the Creatuity team - thank you. I really appreciate it and I want you to know we will continue to do great things, so you can always trust that the merchants you send to us will be taken care of.

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