IRCE Session: Neuromarketing: Where Science Meets the Visuals of Web Design

This IRCE session is Neuromarketing: Where Science Meets the Visuals of Web Design, presented by Kurtis Morrison, Vice President, Client Services - EyeQuant and Jered Goodyear, Manager, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing - Epson. You have more that one brain - sort of. Many things become effortless and automatic - system 1 processing or 'the fast brain'. Thoughts at the conscious level, system 2 processing, require effort and involve logic and reason. Most of the time we're using both systems, and both are involved in decision making. System 1 is faster, so by it's nature, when we communicate as marketers, we're speaking to the system 1 brain first.

Your system 2 brain can override your system 1 brain, however it's rare - generally your system 1 brain makes a decision and your system 2 brain rationalizing what your system 1 has already done.

The language of the fast brain - very self-centered; very visual. The fast brain is a black and white thinker - it uses contrast to make decisions. The fast brain is very emotional and likes very simple things. The fast brain wants clear, concrete, tangible things.

Applying this to web design:

  • Capture attention early
  • Validate the user is where they should be
  • Create clear, compelling and appropriate value propositions
  • Use appropriate imagery
  • Stimulate emotion
  • Ensure attention is in the right place

One common lesson - make sure your site-wide promo banners don't drag attention away from your product benefits and call to action - this happens more often that you realize.

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