IRCE Workshop: A Year Later: The Impact of Enhanced Campaigns

This is the IRCE workshop A Year Later: The Impact of Enhanced Campaigns, presented by Adam Garcia, Director, E-Commerce Marketing - The Walgreen Co. and Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer - Kenshoo. This session is basically about the change Google made last year that no longer allows you to exclude mobile and tablet from your ads - you have to submit bid adjustments instead. Before this change, Walgreens has targeted ads and bids down to the specific level of, for instance, AT&T iPhone users.

Walgreens findings from the changes to Enhanced Campaigns:

  • Lost control over device & OS targeting
  • Single URL - all platforms get the same URL, so your landing pages have to be responsive
  • CVR dropped
  • CPC remained flat

You should check your data to look at what devices and screen sizes your PPC traffic are using.

Key takeaways from the experience Walgreens has had:

  1. Non-desktop devices are the primary players
  2. Prioritize adaptive/responsive design - move it up in your roadmap
  3. Test, test and retest - if you haven't tested adjusting your mobile bid adjustments, do so!

Consumers use smartphones and tablets to research and validate purchases. When consumers use their mobile phone in a store generally are checking price data.

42% of brands say they are very behind consumer trends with multi-device shopping. Only 5% say they are ahead of the trends.

If you've maxed our and optimized your Google AdWords campaign, add Facebook ads - your direct ROI on Facebook may not be great, but many major brands have seen an increased ROI on AdWords once they added Facebook ads.

Optimize your post-click experience - make sure you have an adaptive, responsive site.

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